This portal is a DEMO version, as a presentation of Gipay services.
This portal is for demonstration purposes only in TEST mode.

Accept Payments

To pay in the shop with the QR Code, just go to the cashier, open the app and press the QR Code button, frame the QR Code, enter the amount and send the payment.

Payments in person with QR code

gipay is a latest generation fintech and offers you another way to accept face-to-face payments: Payments with QR code as an extension of the Request for payment feature!

For starters, QR codes can be scanned from a screen.
They can be read even if part of the code is damaged.
They also store large volumes of data and are more secure because the information is encrypted.

To generate a QR code, simply do it via the gipay mobile app, the online account when initiating a payment request.
Once the QR code is generated, your customers will be able to scan the QR code with their mobile phone directly on the screen and pay you on a secure web page.

No cardholder data is captured during the transaction and this makes this payment method completely secure and without any physical contact!
The service is perfect for pandemic circumstances because by generating a QR code, you and your customers can enjoy a safer payment experience.

It is possible to pay via QR Code in many situations. For example, the merchants who are more attentive to consumer needs offer the possibility to pay directly by framing the QR Code on the receipt. Even to travel by public transport in some Italian cities you can choose this payment method: there are, for example, numerous bus stations where you can frame a QR Code to buy your travel ticket in a smart way.


It only takes a few clicks to create and collect a payment with link or Qr-code

Just share the link or have the QR-code scanned, the rest is a game. You will find the amount credited to your account in seconds.

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