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Are you looking for the best way to buy mobile recharge online? With a network of over 220 mobile operators in more than 100 countries, it’s easy to see why we stand out. Whether you are looking to top up your minutes and data or looking to buy a phone top up credit online for a relative or family member who is in a different country, makes the process easy and safe. .

How it Works

Each registered user has his own digital wallet. You can recharge with a gipay card, or by using any other international card, by debiting a bank account or with a simple bank transfer.
With the balance available on the wallet, you can request to purchase mobile telephone traffic and many other services. Let’s see how:

Select Your Country

Quickly and easily select your operator from the list of available countries.

Enter Phone Number

Enter the number of the mobile phone you wish to top up online and select the desired credit.

Select Top-Up Amount

Review all amounts available online and choose a mobile top-up amount to send to friends or family. Check the mobile number for the Top-up and check for any promotions and offers

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The charging process

Enter your top-up details: select the country where the recipient lives. You will be asked to choose the mobile operator. Enter the recipient’s phone number, then select the amount of minutes you want to purchase.
Payment details: The cost of the top-up will be charged to your account. We use the fairest exchange rates so you can pay from anywhere in the world!
Have fun! Sit back and relax, the recipient will have the minutes or data you bought them.

Convenience. You can easily buy airtime top-up for people in your home country.

Flexibility. Prepaid plans allow you to top up sims online. They have no obligations such as early termination fee, having to stay with a provider and fixed monthly plans.

Accessibility. You don’t have to pay any monthly bills. The online prepaid mobile top-up rates are pocket-sized.

Availability. You can make a top-up transaction at any time. You will enjoy instant mobile phone charging online.

On gipay, transactions start at € 2 despite having the best value on the market. We have partnerships with global suppliers such as bmobile Trinidad, Digicel, Flow, Natcom, Wind, Vodafone, TIM, Orange, GTT Guyana, Cubacel, BTC Bahamas, Claro Puerto Rico and Viva Dominican Republic among many others. Our 100% money back guarantee and state-of-the-art technology ensure that your transaction is smooth and your information completely secure.
Our handy chat feature on the website or app-mobile makes it easy to answer any questions, or you can send questions to our support email.
Give it a try today if you are looking for the best mobile top up website online.

Countries & Carriers

100% Money Back Guarantee….and more!

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if the top up is not delivered or the mobile top up transaction is not completed.
Your online mobile top-up transaction is fully guaranteed and safe.
We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure maximum security of your information.
Our website is PCI certified for credit card and identity information.

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