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Enable Your Customers to Make Secure Payments via Pay by Link and Never Miss Out on a Sale

Having a choice of several different payment tools can benefit your business by ensuring fast, secure payments from your customers. The choice of payment tool will depend on each unique payment scenario. If you are communicating with customers directly, why not send them a payment link?

Accept Payments by Link Anytime

A payment link is a one-time invoice that contains the order data. It can be sent by email, messenger, or by a number of other convenient methods. By clicking on the payment link, the customer sees the invoice for each payment. The customer can then choose their favourite payment methods such as credit card or a variety of alternative payment methods and confirm the payment. The whole transaction only takes a few clicks. No payment page or additional integration needed.

Safe way to accept payments

The personal information a customer enters when using a payment link is not visible to anyone but them. This information is not stored on the merchant’s website.

All customer data is encrypted using tokenization. gipay is PCI DSS compliant and stores sensitive information securely in the form of tokens. These tokens are indecipherable to anyone outside of the gipay global payment system.

Generate links that customers can use to pay for online purchases of goods and services. Send links automatically via the gipay platform or send them manually. Email templates can be customized in configuration.

How does it work? As soon as the customer clicks on the payment link, they will be automatically directed to the payment page. Depending on the chosen payment method, gipay will send customers to the configured payment service provider. Once the payment is made, the customer will see if it was successful or not. Confirmation will then be sent by gipay to the platform user.

Link payment is an easy way to sell products and services online. Keep your brand front and center by adding your colors and logo.

List of Supported Payment Methods

Online Payment

Customers can make online payments using Card, UPI, NetBanking, Wallet, Pay Later and Banking options.

Support for International Currencies
You can create payment links in any of the international currencies support using Razorpay Dashboard or API.

Address Verification System
If you accept international payments, you can use Gipay’s Address Verification System (AVS). AVS verifies that a customer’s billing address (zip code and billing address) matches the billing address registered with the card issuer. Based on the issuer’s response, gipay will either accept or cancel the transaction. This helps in preventing fraud in international payments.

Learn more about the address verification system.



Create-to-Collect in a matter of minutes
Create Payment Links easily with a few clicks and share them with customers.

Automatic sharing of link
The customers receive a Payment Link on SMS or email using which they can quickly pay.

Set expiry date
Set due dates for Payment Links after which the links expire.

Partial payments
Allow your customers to make partial payments. You can also decide the first installment amount to be paid by customers in case of partial payments.

Easy integration using APIs
Seamlessly integrate Payment Links with your systems using APIs.

Set reminders
Send automated SMS to your customers to remind them about outstanding payments.

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