This portal is a DEMO version, as a presentation of Gipay services.
This portal is for demonstration purposes only in TEST mode.

Virtual card

The Mastercard Virtual Gift Card is a Prepaid Digital Card that allows you to make online purchases in complete safety and tranquility. The Card is accepted at all virtual merchants displaying the Mastercard brand.

Advantages of virtual cards

The gipay Mastercard allow online access to balance and transactions. It can be used at millions of retail outlets around the world, for online purchases and at ATMs for cash withdrawals. You can also use it to pay contactless with smartphones, smartwatches and other enabled devices.

If we have not requested it when we have taken the physical debit card, we can always generate one, without problems and in a few seconds. How to create a virtual card? Just log into your home banking, click on “Virtual card” and then on “Add virtual card”.

Virtual cards work just like regular physical cards, but are found in a digital wallet instead of your wallet. They are protected by encryption and you can use them to make payments in store or online safely, via your smartphone.

If you intend to use a virtual card to make an online purchase, all you have to do is choose the product you want and, at the time of purchase, choose to pay by card. When the site asks you for the identification codes of your card, you will have to enter the temporary ones generated by gipay.

Use a virtual or single-use card with Amazon
gipay sends a single-use code to the customer requesting a virtual card which must be used to confirm the transaction. The creation and use of a virtual card has different elements depending on the bank that issues this payment instrument.

Complete management of functions. With a simple click you can activate or deactivate a function, according to the real needs of the user.

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